I've finally found the time to write about my fostering experience, which I have to say has been one of the best things I've done in a long time. I applied to be a foster parent and three days later I had these two senior cats. The speed of the process may be due to the fact that the organization knows me very well and I've been working with them for about 7 months. Either way, I was so excited to get my kitties I could barely stand it!
Once I let them out they made themselves right at home. Wendy was the more outgoing one at first and claimed her bed right away up high on my dresser. Later on it became a battle for that spot as they both wanted to be up high all the time.
About three weeks after having them, the most lovely couple came to adopt them. Seniors themselves, wanting to adopt a senior rescue couple- I could see they would be a perfect fit for each other. I was so sad when they were gone but felt mostly happy that they would be spoiled and loved for the rest of their lives.

 I've gotten a few updates and their new owners have ordered them multiple cat trees, have been feeding them gourmet food and giving them unlimited pets and attention!
Fostering these kitties made me feel and it was a totally free experience (bonus). VOKRA provided all the food, litter, toys ect. I plan on doing a post outlining all the reasons to foster soon. There are just so many, I have to spend some time.