So, The first thing I did after handing Molly and Wendy over when they got adopted was email my foster coordinator and ask for another cat. Apparently that's not how it works. You have to be patient while waiting for the one that fits you. For example, people who have children or other animals may wait longer for a cat that fits their lifestyle.

I got an email a day or two later that informed that there was a cat I could have, but she has some serious behavioral issues. She's hyperactive and she loves to bite!

Unfortuantely, they weren't overexagerating. My right arm, in particular, has been scared for life. She latches down and does "bunny kick" so hard that you can feel your bones moving under your hand. She loves to hunt you at night, big blankets just make that more fun! At the beginning she would run full speed from the other side of my apartment and jump at you with both paws wide spread to latch onto you to pray.

If anyone has recognized her distincive markings you can see that she's a tortise shell cat. Which, i've learned, are extremely particular cats as it already stands. Phaedra was a stray before she came to VOKRA so she had no human contact for almost a year. Then, when she came into care they discovered that she had Ring-Worm which means she had to be isolated on her own for a long time. These two things, combined with the fact that she's already a difficult bread of cat is why she's sometimes a "bad kitty."

With four months of patience she has gotten much better. When she bites I can see why (angry, scared, play?) She also replaces her bites with licks now a lot of the time. I can see that she's trying so hard to be a good girl but sometimes she doesn't know how. I will write soon about how we get here to this place and how I deal with the frustration of being her chew toy. It's very worth it, dealing with her strange behavior, because I know another place other than VOKRA may put her down because of these behaviors.

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