I am happy to introduce my newest Foster Kitty from VOKRA: Butters! Butters comes from the streets just like Phaedra. He's tough on the outside and soft on the inside, a  big cat weighing 21 pounds with massive lion paws and a kink in his tail. We brought him into meet Phaedra because we wanted the two of them to tire each other out. They both had the same issues like biting when they got bored or under-stimulated so we thought they'd be a perfect match.

Butters last Foster Mum brought him in and I tried to keep him in the bathroom for at least a few days. We do this so the cats know they have a safe space to go. Unfortunately, Butters was miserable in there. He would howl and scratch at the door. I tried letting him out the first day just to see how they would interact and they immediately started hissing and growling at each other. He spent about 5 full days in the bathroom with me switching him and Phaedra occasionally so he could stretch his long legs.

After a while I just couldn't take keeping him in the tiny bathroom without a window. I let them both out into my apartment and bribed them with chicken baby food. This is Phaedra's most favorite treat, it smells foul but it's basically liquid chicken so it's great for a treat or training. I dunked a spoon into the can and the both came over and licked it off. Both their faces bumping into each other. After this, it was smooth sailing. They slowly but surely have been getting closer and closer.

It took a while for me to tell if they actually liked each other or if they were only tolerating each others existence.  Butters is quite a bit larger than Phaedra so he would dominate her in their play fights and kick her off the bed. After a while she started putting her paw down and demanding that she remain the Alpha cat in the household. After that exchange took place I saw much more of the traditional bonding between cats I expected to see. See below:

How to tell if your cats are bonding
  1. Equal Exchange of play fighting. Each cat equally initiates the fights.
  2. No growling or hissing, meowing is ok.
  3. They are comfortable eating together.
  4. They are comfortable sleeping in the same area.

Thanks so much for reading about my cat bonding experience. I was lucky it was successful and I hope they continue to bond over the next few months so they are ready to be adopted!
I purchased some wood beads and pieces the other day, a little different from what I usually paint on. Here is the result!

Owls are pretty out of style but I couldn't resist painting this shape of bead into an owl. Too perfect.

The tiniest little sparrow.

Simple Monarchs.

And a large finch!

All of these and more in my etsy: www.iamabird.etsy.com

So, The first thing I did after handing Molly and Wendy over when they got adopted was email my foster coordinator and ask for another cat. Apparently that's not how it works. You have to be patient while waiting for the one that fits you. For example, people who have children or other animals may wait longer for a cat that fits their lifestyle.

I got an email a day or two later that informed that there was a cat I could have, but she has some serious behavioral issues. She's hyperactive and she loves to bite!

Unfortuantely, they weren't overexagerating. My right arm, in particular, has been scared for life. She latches down and does "bunny kick" so hard that you can feel your bones moving under your hand. She loves to hunt you at night, big blankets just make that more fun! At the beginning she would run full speed from the other side of my apartment and jump at you with both paws wide spread to latch onto you to pray.

If anyone has recognized her distincive markings you can see that she's a tortise shell cat. Which, i've learned, are extremely particular cats as it already stands. Phaedra was a stray before she came to VOKRA so she had no human contact for almost a year. Then, when she came into care they discovered that she had Ring-Worm which means she had to be isolated on her own for a long time. These two things, combined with the fact that she's already a difficult bread of cat is why she's sometimes a "bad kitty."

With four months of patience she has gotten much better. When she bites I can see why (angry, scared, play?) She also replaces her bites with licks now a lot of the time. I can see that she's trying so hard to be a good girl but sometimes she doesn't know how. I will write soon about how we get here to this place and how I deal with the frustration of being her chew toy. It's very worth it, dealing with her strange behavior, because I know another place other than VOKRA may put her down because of these behaviors.

Visit : http://www.orphankittenrescue.com/  
to see more cats and kittens who need forever homes in the Vancouver area. 

I've finally found the time to write about my fostering experience, which I have to say has been one of the best things I've done in a long time. I applied to be a foster parent and three days later I had these two senior cats. The speed of the process may be due to the fact that the organization knows me very well and I've been working with them for about 7 months. Either way, I was so excited to get my kitties I could barely stand it!
Once I let them out they made themselves right at home. Wendy was the more outgoing one at first and claimed her bed right away up high on my dresser. Later on it became a battle for that spot as they both wanted to be up high all the time.
About three weeks after having them, the most lovely couple came to adopt them. Seniors themselves, wanting to adopt a senior rescue couple- I could see they would be a perfect fit for each other. I was so sad when they were gone but felt mostly happy that they would be spoiled and loved for the rest of their lives.

 I've gotten a few updates and their new owners have ordered them multiple cat trees, have been feeding them gourmet food and giving them unlimited pets and attention!
Fostering these kitties made me feel and it was a totally free experience (bonus). VOKRA provided all the food, litter, toys ect. I plan on doing a post outlining all the reasons to foster soon. There are just so many, I have to spend some time.

For those of you out there (and I'm sorry, if you're not, you need to be) watching orange is the new black, you'll remember the story line of Polly and Piper making soap together. It wasn't mentioned once in season two.. I suppose the deal with barney's was off once Piper went looking for a chicken instead of talking soap business. Anyway, this is how I picture my friend Jody making soap, the house smelling like flowers and bees wax. I don't actually know if this is what her kitchen looks like (she has her own soap making kitchen!) But I like to picture it this way.

Jodi is nothing like the narcissistic Piper, she is a kind spirit who I am almost postiive has never hurt a fly in her entire life. The only commonality between these two is the creation of artisan bath products. I was lucky to have had the opportunity to do a little trade with her this week and I have been basking in their lovely scents ever since.

I had a hard time picking out which ones I wanted and before I got my hands on all of them I was planning on handing them out as gifts. Well, that's not happening. They all smell so good! (If I were Piper I would use the F word right now but let's not go there). Jodi uses a unique yet traditional combination of flavours and scents and everything is totally natural. My favorite ones are the local beer soaps, they are so interesting and the combination of honey and beer is making me swoon.

You can find Jody's products in quite a few stores in Victoria B.C. and pretty much every single market and variation of such on the island. I have no idea how she manages to go to so many but lucky for the market go-ers, she does.

Keep in touch with Jody on Facebook here:

on website here:

and here Etsy here:

My good friend Nicole that I met about 4 years ago has recently started an etsy shop. Her newest addition to the shop are the lovely, feminie comfy headbands. I'm definitely a hat person and I feel that headbands are a good stand it for hats during the warmer months. Plus I feel like it really jazzes up the fun bun that i've grown accostomed to rocking quite a few times a week when I just don't feel like brushing out my long locks.

She's generously offered to put up a sale while on my blog. You can use the code:

for 15 percent off.

We all love to support our locals- it's a very popular or even trendy way of thinking right now. But it's really benefitial as well and that should be the focus. So when I discover an amazing local shop (Local as in one provice over) I get really excited about it. Recently I discovered this amazing Alberta based dress designer. Her photos are so gorgeous and that's nothing compared to the actual pieces. Hand made garmets perfect for the small town girl whether she's living in a small town or not! I'll definitely be making a purchase one of these days, summer is coming up and I'd love a flowery dress to dance around in while I sip on iced coffee under the sun. You can check out her shop here!

So ever since the introduction of the "recommended shops for you" feature on etsy I've discovered so many new and amazing artists. I'm also receiving a lot more front page clicks from this feature as well, so I hope it's hear to stay. Most of the shops recommended for me are illustrators, ceramic artists and jewelry designers and I'm really surprised how accurate the recommendations are! Here are some of my new favorite and recently discovered illustrators from the past month or so. All of their etsy shops are linked with their names, please go and check them out they are all so talented!

 Emma Block is an illustrator, living and working in London. She loves vintage dresses and beautiful cities. Her first book, Tea and Cake, came out in 2011, and she is just starting on her third children’s book.

Phoebe Wahl is a recent graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Illustration. She calls the Pacific Northwest home and is constantly inspired by the beauty in people and nature. She loves to make nests, sew small animals, and get lost in picture books. She is a regular contributor to Taproot magazine. 

 Small Adventure is devoted to creating beautiful (and sometimes silly) objects and illustrated artwork that explore nature, traveling and exciting stories.

A Londoner who studied theatre design and art history before falling into magazine illustration and journalism, I eventually settled in the Canary Islands where I live with my family and other animals in the middle of a banana plantation. 
My favorite part about doing craft fairs isn’t selling a ton of merchandise at once, or eating the food from the yummy vendors or buying stuff from other sellers. It’s meeting the other vendors. I’ve only done two craft fairs so far during my time as a designer but they have both exposed me to some truly creative individuals and for that, I am grateful.

 Sunday cuddles

The last fair I did was the Fox fair and I met a lovely girl name Reay and she is a farmer! I’m not sure if she prefers this title but in my mind she is one. She and her husband have over 60 chickens on their little farm on Vancouver Island. She takes care of them, collects their eggs and then sells them locally right from her home and at the Victoria Hudson Market. She is also an expert jam craftsman, people were going crazy for her unique and fragrant flavors at the Fox Fair and all her eggs sold out on the first night. I went and found her tumblr account after the fair and was entertained for a good hour by looking at all her chicken photography, she's accumulated quite a heard of chicken fans.
Babies excited for a new bale of straw today #vscocam #chickens #farm

I didn't buy any jam, and the eggs were sold out by the time I could make my way over to her stand but I did get to buy one of these sweet cards. If you watch Portlandia, here's a reminder of the scene that her chicken cards reminded me of.


You can buy your eggs and then take home a little photo/card of the chickens that laid them. I bought five and kept three for myself. Reay knew all the names of the chickens I selected. I love how connected she was to her work.

You can see her amazing tumblr here:

and the Facebook page for Maypenny Farm here:


Dot is the prettiest chicken. (Source.)

I love to decorate the envelopes that I send my orders out in. Getting mail is so much fun and I like to make it a little more special by stamping all of them before they go out. Over the winter break my Mum helped me stamp enough for the whole year. Charlie and Daisy tried to help, but anyone who has ever even been around a cat knows they aren't very helpful.