My favorite part about doing craft fairs isn’t selling a ton of merchandise at once, or eating the food from the yummy vendors or buying stuff from other sellers. It’s meeting the other vendors. I’ve only done two craft fairs so far during my time as a designer but they have both exposed me to some truly creative individuals and for that, I am grateful.

 Sunday cuddles

The last fair I did was the Fox fair and I met a lovely girl name Reay and she is a farmer! I’m not sure if she prefers this title but in my mind she is one. She and her husband have over 60 chickens on their little farm on Vancouver Island. She takes care of them, collects their eggs and then sells them locally right from her home and at the Victoria Hudson Market. She is also an expert jam craftsman, people were going crazy for her unique and fragrant flavors at the Fox Fair and all her eggs sold out on the first night. I went and found her tumblr account after the fair and was entertained for a good hour by looking at all her chicken photography, she's accumulated quite a heard of chicken fans.
Babies excited for a new bale of straw today #vscocam #chickens #farm

I didn't buy any jam, and the eggs were sold out by the time I could make my way over to her stand but I did get to buy one of these sweet cards. If you watch Portlandia, here's a reminder of the scene that her chicken cards reminded me of.


You can buy your eggs and then take home a little photo/card of the chickens that laid them. I bought five and kept three for myself. Reay knew all the names of the chickens I selected. I love how connected she was to her work.

You can see her amazing tumblr here:

and the Facebook page for Maypenny Farm here:


Dot is the prettiest chicken. (Source.)

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  1. Beautiful chickens! But do they have friends? Lol love Portlandia! So fun to see your side of the world.