Recently I received a large wholesale order from a lovely lady on the Island. Her and her husband are opening up an online store and they seemed really nice so I decided to commit to a wholesale order again. My last experience with wholesaling was absolutely disastrous, but I could tell that these two sellers would be much more kind to me. I will let everyone know immediately when my items are up on their website, they are photographing everything and just getting it launched right now, I can't wait to see everything!


  1. That looks amazing! And it sounds like you made the right decision. Good luck making all those necklaces;)

    1. I think so too:)
      They have been very nice to me!
      I'm dying to see the website:)

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  3. Hopefully this sale won’t be disaster like other one. Well your products are nice, I am very impressed, pretty nice stuffs. Thanks for sharing & good luck.

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  4. Hey, I just shared your post on my G+ because it's nice that you will share some of your process for those of us who want to try with something new. The wholesale can be tricky - I also had an unpleasant experience, but just need to be a bit more selective next time :) Bring a friend who is a better judge of people since I tend to be trusting.
    Really like your work - it's light and cheerful!