Hi everyone!
I know it's been a long time since a blog post, a Facebook post, a tweet, a new item, a treasury or anything like that, but I was relaxing at home eating cookies and watching lifetime movies. But I'm back now, back to Victoria and back to my buisness! I've got some goals for January and the new year, I know I'm a little late but like I said, the lifetime movies were calling to me.

New year goals
  •  Have more adventures
  • Blog and write more
  • Journal more
  • Take more pictures!
  • Create new jewelry designs
  • Open up own website
  • Open up a print shop
  • Get Fit and Eat healthy!
  • Make 500 sales on Etsy (ambitious i know!)

Happy new year everyone! Can't wait for you to see what I have in store for the new year:)

Chirp chirp!


  1. Happy 2013! Ambitious goals, but I'm sure you'll get them all :)