My new favorite artist this week is :


I found her work on another fellow bloggers blog, (sorry I can't remember where) but I am blown away by this adorable artwork. I am always so jealous of artists who have such a clearly defined style. I love Sophie's art work so much and I will definitely be buying a custom art portrait one day. Look at this beautiful wedding portrait! It's so dainty and unique! Check out some of my other favorites of hers.

You can check out her work here on etsy.

Or check out her website and blog here.


I went into the art store before christmas to buy some stuff for myself, and I remembered that art stores always have the most beautiful note books, sketchbooks, paper, and pens. My mom is a stationary junkie, she can't get enough. Especially when it comes to birds. I suppose it's in my genes to love birds? Anyway they were pretty lame the selection so I saw a blank notebook and figured I could paint my own and do a better job anyway, at least when it comes to Mama Bee. So here is the finished product. She LOVED it. Not sure if she will use it, but she doesn't use any of her note books. Mostly ornamental.

Anyway, here it is. Love these little birdies.


  Hey everyone!
I got a lot of beautiful things for chirstmas this year. I'm easy to buy for. At least I think I am. One of my favorite things I received from Mama Bee was this gorgeous bear necklace from "Ugly Bunny", Designed by two artists living in Kelowna B.C.

I just LOVE discovering local talent. I'm very proud to be part of the art scene in B.C. So much talent everywhere! Visit their website at or their etsy page at

Here's the necklace I received: 

 Here's some more I found on their website


This is a cat bed my mum made out of an old vintage suitcase. She sleeps in it all the time! How sweet is she? I miss her so much, she has so much character. She always follows my mum around the house and she loves to sleep in the craft room! She also only likes to be with girls, although she is making friends with my dad now. She also gets very jealous of anything or anyone who takes time away from my mum. For example, when my mum and I were doing a puzzle when I was on holiday in Penticton, she was meowing and rolling on her back trying to get our attention. She couldn't stand that we weren't paying our full attention to her! So cute. Anyway, She loves girly things which is I suppose why it is that she is loving this girly feminine suitcase here.

Have a good day!



Hi everyone!
I know it's been a long time since a blog post, a Facebook post, a tweet, a new item, a treasury or anything like that, but I was relaxing at home eating cookies and watching lifetime movies. But I'm back now, back to Victoria and back to my buisness! I've got some goals for January and the new year, I know I'm a little late but like I said, the lifetime movies were calling to me.

New year goals
  •  Have more adventures
  • Blog and write more
  • Journal more
  • Take more pictures!
  • Create new jewelry designs
  • Open up own website
  • Open up a print shop
  • Get Fit and Eat healthy!
  • Make 500 sales on Etsy (ambitious i know!)

Happy new year everyone! Can't wait for you to see what I have in store for the new year:)

Chirp chirp!