I went into the art store before christmas to buy some stuff for myself, and I remembered that art stores always have the most beautiful note books, sketchbooks, paper, and pens. My mom is a stationary junkie, she can't get enough. Especially when it comes to birds. I suppose it's in my genes to love birds? Anyway they were pretty lame the selection so I saw a blank notebook and figured I could paint my own and do a better job anyway, at least when it comes to Mama Bee. So here is the finished product. She LOVED it. Not sure if she will use it, but she doesn't use any of her note books. Mostly ornamental.

Anyway, here it is. Love these little birdies.

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  1. looks really cute, I love the lettering as well as the birdies !
    I am the same way with notebooks, I buy them solely based on their cuteness and then end up writing on random pieces of paper lol