I took SO many photos while in the Okanagan, but until I get a chance to edit all of them here is the instagram photographs:)

1) Van From Above.  
2) Back where I belong, my own bed.
3) Browsing through the old portfolio.
4) Lunch With Mum-cicle.
5) Shopping in kelowna, I bought a bird scarf!
6) Attack of the giant scarf!
7) Sweet Finny.
8) Mother and I made bread!
9) Hitting up fabric land.
10) The fabric I choose, I made two infinity scarves.
11) Friends sweet baby.
12) A book Rio and I saw on our lunch.
13) Freaky baby plotting its murder against me on the plane home.
14) Coming into Victoria.
15) Back in Victoria.


Hey everyone, the deals I will be offering during this coming weekend will be 20% off everything!


Hi all!
I'm just doing a quick post here to let everyone know that all of your entries are received! We are only half way through the month so I hope to get a lot more entries in before then!

I'm going home for a week and I'm currently sitting in the airport and within an hour I will be sleeping in my own bed.

So yea, just wanted to thank everyone for the entries!! And good luck! Just to make this post more interesting here is a picture of a bed.


Hello everyone!
It's a long weekend this weekend, so I decided to catch up on some orders. This one I was working on is for a store in Quebec! I'm anxious to get stuff in stores for christmas of course. So I thought I would make my day a bit more exciting by documenting everything! So here it is:

 I love working from home. No need for makeup or to brush your hair!

I like to start the day with a fresh latte. Swiss Mocha was on today's menu.

I have to attach chains and loops to all my pieces, making sure they are nice and secure.

I have to mix up some paint colors to do any touch ups on my pieces.

The next step is to put tags and label the prices onto each item.

So I don't forget what I sold, I take a picture of them all together.

Then I document everything in writing, So i know how much worth of merchandise I am sending. If i didn't do this i would have no clue who I sent what.

Things Get a little messy.

Then I eat lunch!

Then I package everything up nice and neatly. I like it to be fun for the store owner to open what they ordered!

My goodness, after being stuck inside all day, I go for a bike ride down town to check out all the neat stores in Victoria. But of course, I don't buy anything.

 I met an extremely cute dog named Smith.

Walked down to the ocean.

Stopped for a minute to remember why I had the day off.

 This bird came with me.

 And the finished the day off at the harbor!


 I just love it here in Victoria. I had the lovliest day today, walked through the park, got coffee at Habit Coffee and wrote a letter to a dear friend, shopped at value village and came home and had tea. I love fall SO much, but I'm not used to the green grass and falling leaves. In the Okanagan it is so brown and grey, which goes with the fall foliage of course.

Speaking of the Okanagan I'm going home in 5 days! Can't wait to spend time with my family and friends:)