I took SO many photos while in the Okanagan, but until I get a chance to edit all of them here is the instagram photographs:)

1) Van From Above.  
2) Back where I belong, my own bed.
3) Browsing through the old portfolio.
4) Lunch With Mum-cicle.
5) Shopping in kelowna, I bought a bird scarf!
6) Attack of the giant scarf!
7) Sweet Finny.
8) Mother and I made bread!
9) Hitting up fabric land.
10) The fabric I choose, I made two infinity scarves.
11) Friends sweet baby.
12) A book Rio and I saw on our lunch.
13) Freaky baby plotting its murder against me on the plane home.
14) Coming into Victoria.
15) Back in Victoria.


  1. Hahaha the picture of the evil baby is so funny!

    1. Oh man i know. I was so glad to get a photo of it.

  2. Awesome pics! Looks like a great time, Victoria looks like England to me :) I don't live there, but I just got back - lucky you! Love your art!!