Hi everyone!
Look, I'm already behind on my commitment for the month.

Day 2- Add a clearance section

I've added a clearance section to my shop, this may not be something that everyone is interested in doing, but I have a drawer full of pieces that I've made a really long time ago, or stores sent them back to me after sitting on the shelves for a while, and I would love for them all to go to a good home. Here comes the clearance section! I put them up two nights ago, about ten of them, and they are almost all gone! I'll be periodically adding new items to my shop clearance section, it wont be a ton of stuff, but it will be good for these pieces to get a second chance!

Oh my goodness, as I type this I just sold another one from my sale.
So glad these are going to good homes!!!

What do you think about adding a clearance section? Is it worth it for you?