Hi everyone!
So I've wanted to do this for a while for myself, however I thought it would provide me with more motivation if I shared it with everyone. I'm going to improve my buisness/shop/etsy/designs in 30 different ways, every day of september.

Why did I choose to commit to this in September?

1) It's right before christmas which of course is one of my busiest times of the year, I would love to have my shop in tip top shape well before then.

2) I have the time. Although I'm starting school again this month, it's a great time. No exams, no summertime fun pulling me away and no other job to attend to.

3) I actually am motivated to do it.

I invite all my readers to participate in this challenge. Give me ideas for ways to improve my shop and artwork. I'm thinking along the lines of : Better photography, better social networking techniques, better communication and attention to my buyers, better blog... anything else I can think of.

So day one of the challenge would be:

Better Blog!

I figured I'd start with this because I'll be working on it a lot this month and I want it to be pretty. 

Why I love to blog:

• I love to write.
•I love to take photo's and share them with people who are interested in my life.
•I love to document my life in a variety of forms.


Here was my old blog layout:

Here is my new one: 

Improvements I made : 

• More suiting to my personal style
•More professional looking
• Photo of myself on the page
•Page tabs for navigation
• Overall better flow throughout the blog.

For anyone who has problems designing their blog there are SO many amazing tutorials and blogs out there for improving the tiniest things. From banners to removing the border that they make you have around photos. What I do is whenever I have a question i literally just type it into google and every time there has been a soloution. I use photoshop to design and edit everything but there are a lot of great photo editing, graphic design programs out there that are free. I persoannly have never used them just because I learned photoshop in school and I bought it for myself as a birthday present. Anyway! Here is step one. Like I said, please give me your input and share your ideas about improvement. I will need help coming up with thirty ways to improve!

Thanks for reading!!


  1. The new design looks lovely! Good work :)

  2. This is such a good idea Maddie! Looking forward to seeing all the improvements :)