It's September, which means I'm late getting Halloween stuff out! So here they are. 

Notice me etsy!


 Well, I was depressed today day-dreaming about my trip to Portland with one of my best ladies this summer. Looking at these pictures made me happy.


Hi everyone!
Look, I'm already behind on my commitment for the month.

Day 2- Add a clearance section

I've added a clearance section to my shop, this may not be something that everyone is interested in doing, but I have a drawer full of pieces that I've made a really long time ago, or stores sent them back to me after sitting on the shelves for a while, and I would love for them all to go to a good home. Here comes the clearance section! I put them up two nights ago, about ten of them, and they are almost all gone! I'll be periodically adding new items to my shop clearance section, it wont be a ton of stuff, but it will be good for these pieces to get a second chance!

Oh my goodness, as I type this I just sold another one from my sale.
So glad these are going to good homes!!!

What do you think about adding a clearance section? Is it worth it for you?


Hi everyone!
Recently I had the great pleasure of traveling down slightly south to the lovely state of Oregon with one of my closest friends. We were sort of kind of half planning it all summer so I'm so happy that we were actually able to go and make the plans and do it! We took a lot of photos, so I've broken up the days. Day one and two I've lumped together mostly because the "I-5" highway has little to offer in the way of beauty. Seriously, it is ugly. Car dealerships, Starbucks and MacDonalds is all it really provides the drivers. So here is part one! The market, lots of cools shopping, vintage houses, yummy food truck food, crappy chocolate bars, and kitties!

Thanks for looking!