Hi everyone!
It's time for another giveaway!

This one is for a landscape necklace that will be totally customizable by you! It can be your favorite mountain range, a city skyline, your house on a hill or anything else that I will be able to paint. I'm very curious to see what everyone might come up with!

How to enter:

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Leave a comment and tell me what kind of necklace you would order if you won!


  1. What a great giveaway. I would love one of your necklaces! I'd pick a landscape 'very Westcoast,' something from around here. Definitely with mountains.

  2. I follow, I love your page, but there is no button for love ;) The round one, because I live on an island :) and it is so me, me loving snow :)

  3. Can I take part if I'm from Poland?
    I mean shipping.

    I hope yes, because I really like Your necklaces and I would like to win one ;D

    I don't have Facebook or Pinterest, but I follow Your blog for a long time :D

    My blog: las-roznosci.blogspot.com
    My gmail: urok.foto@gmail.com

    I'll think about kind of necklace I would order if I won ;)
    Greetings from Poland ^^

  4. I follow on facebook and pinterest! Love your work :)
    If I won I'd like to get one with a countryside with flowers and a little sheep ;)

  5. Follower of all <3 love the grey mountains <3

  6. I think either a wintery mountain or the Vancouver skyline would be awesome ! I follow all, and its always so nice to read your blog

  7. Oh I love all of the necklaces! But I thonk the 1st one is my fav. :)

    All points done - as Nurrgula or Kasia W.

  8. Following all, and I adore your stuff! I'd love a necklace representing my former home of Santa Fe, NM - adobe buildings, cobalt blue sky, and always rainbows. So gorgeous there! :)

  9. How fab! I would love a Slovenian scene! A visit to Lake Bled has left a lasting impression - so much so, I had to go back again! There is a beautiful little island in the centre with a church on it, and a castle set into the mountain side, a really stunning scene. It's such a beautiful part of the world, it deserves its own range of jewellery! A must see! :o) xx Following your wonderful work on Facebook and Pinterest, and following the blog xx

  10. I LOVE your shop and you work is beautiful. I love mountains and I really love the circular pendant shown above. ~Sil

  11. I'd have woodlands and a starry night with a beautiful moon. Perfect!

  12. I follow your blog, just "liked" you on FB (although I LOVE your work) & started following you on Pinterest.

    If I won, my landscape would have to be something SouthWestern. I grew up in New Mexico, but now live in Raleigh, NC. I love the desert landscape, rock formations, hot air balloons & the dry heat!! Haha!

  13. i follow your blog and on facebook, and i love the idea of a portable landscape. while animals and the faces of loved ones give comfort, i think grand visions made small are what i'd most like to carry with me. and if i had to choose right now, i'd choose a lightning storm over the mountains.

  14. You have an amazing work, i absolutely love you. I am an artist too. I´m following your blog, your facebook page and your pinterest! :) i would love a mountain desing or maybe mountains with a hot air ballon and ill definately ware it everytime! thank you!!

  15. I follow your everything: Facebook, pinterest, etsy, and blog! I think I would want something very Seattle - either a skyline or Mt Rainier... Love your work!

  16. I definitely will pick the red farm house one :)
    Followed on gfc (skinny kinssy)
    FB (Gladyssia Kinssy)
    Pinterest (Gladeesha)

    Lovely Necklaces you got here :)

  17. Follow this blog via GFC as Diana
    Follow on Facebook as Diana Z
    Follow on Pinterest as deezach
    I love the little barn necklace and would love a picture of my barn.
    dluckyz at excite dot com

  18. I follow you on everything now :),
    If I won, my landscape will have green mountains with a green meadow. Between the wild flowers there is playing a little bunny.


  19. I'm following on everything! ♥ My bloglovin' username is Deardaffodils, my Facebook is /abzieabi and my Pinterest is Buttercrumble.

    I'd love to have one of my hometown, Scarborough. It's by the coast so there is some beautiful landscapes.


  20. Oh, I would have the London skyline! Love my hometown

  21. Hi, love your work it is beautiful, love your dads work too for the wood. haha gotta give him some credit too:)
    I follow on bloglovin
    pinterest is shawn jonhson
    I like the round necklaces and I would like trees that are in full color for fall, that would be beautiful, kinda like the first one in the pic of the four together up top.

    1. I forgot to put my email
      (smjohns63 at yahoo dot com)

  22. You make these? They are incredibly beautiful! The mountain ones sort of remind me of LOTR, I guess I would ask for some sort of fantasy skyline for mine.

    I follow you on everything, my name hannah marie/karim


  23. I am a follower of your blog. I liked your Facebook page and follow you on Pinterest. I would get one with a lighthouse on a coast.


  24. What a wonderful concept:) I'd either go with a Japanese scene or with a city landscape from my own city. I'd have to sleep on it;)

    Did all entries. With pleasure!


  25. I would order the one on the far left, with the trees and the grassy knolls. Great giveaway Maddie!

  26. Love these! I like the one on the right with the barn. :)

  27. So beautiful! Would love a custom mountain one :)