Hey everyone!
So, a lot of you know that I use recycled wood for all of my pieces, and some of you probably know that I use wood that comes from wineries, but i thought it would be neat to show you exactly where my wood comes from, this barrel here is used to make the pieces that look like this:

Here is the wine barrel that my dad brings home from his work. It is used several times before it can no longer be used for wine making. Once it is not being used anymore, we can have it or sometimes we have to pay 20 dollars for it. However I think that's worth it since it makes so many pieces.

Next is to pry it apart, This requires heavy lifting from my dad.


Here is a picture of where we took a slat of, these are "wine diamonds".

Now I slice up all the pieces to be smaller so I can move onto the next step.

 And cut off all the purple part so I can be left with just the white oak!

 Ok, so seeing as I'm not going to give away all my making secrets today, that's all for now. I hope everyone enjoyed learning a little bit more about my work! Leave a comment if you have any questions or anything to add :)


  1. What a wonderful article, Madeleine!Thank you for share your process and wonderful photos with us! You dad is so great to help you with your woooden work)! )

    1. Thanks Olga!
      Don't know what I would do without him:)

  2. that's so cool using old wine barrels, I had no idea that it's what you use for your jewelry! Recycling and creating new pretty things, very very nice :-)

    1. Thanks so much!
      I was even surprised that the barrel that I was using really looked like a barrel. I kind of want one in my appartment!

  3. Always interesting to see the processes behind peoples art........

    Have just found you blog, off for a mooch and to find out a bit more about what you do....

    Claire :}

    1. Glad you enjoyed learning a bit more claire:)
      Lots more to come soon!

  4. Really like your blog and your creations!

    I have one question:
    How do you make a hole in that peace of wood?