Roughly one year ago when I was working at the community center pool in penticton. Our supervisor Kerry had as all write down one thing we were grateful for. She recently had read that if you acknowledge the things you cherish in your life, more will come to you that way. So here is my own spin off of that, I'm going to start doing a "Things that make me Happy" post, hopefully on saturday, at the end of the week. So here it goes, my first "happy" post.

1) This letter in the mail from one of my best girlfriends.

 2)This house I found on a walk around Fernwood.

 3) This care-package from my Mama.

 4)Finally getting my wholesale order finished.

 5) These little birdie earrings I made out of old beads.

 6)This painting night I had.

 7) This restauraunt I had breakfast at with my dad.

 8) This cat stuffy I found at the thrift shop for 50 cents.
 9) This zombie run app.
This app is way too cool, just a little review of it right now. You turn it on while you're running and a story/narration plays in your head. Two men are coversing with eachother and they "see you" running down in a field being chased by zombies. Every few minutes a song plays between the dialogue, one of your songs, and you collect items to help build your shelter along the way. It DEFINITELY makes you run! There was this one part today where there was a zombie woman right behind me and I could here her growling, and the guy who is guiding you is screaming at you to run! So much fun and can't wait to use it again. There are 23 different stories that you unlock along the way. Definitely a find.

Anyway, that's my "things that make me happy" post for last week. Hope lots of good stuff comes this week too!  


  1. the care-package had me drooling :-)
    the zombie app sound like so much fun!!
    wishing you a wonderful week

    1. Hi Aleka!
      The zombie running app was sooo cool! My knees are totally weak though so I haven't been able to use it again yet:( Can't wait until I do though again!