So as a reminder to myself, and possibly others. I'm going to start blogging about some of the success tips that etsy gives us. They come out with an article at least once a week and I often read them, agree with them, and unfortunately forget about them...

So here we go...

Your buyer is anxiously awaiting her package! Impress her by shipping the item as quickly as possible.

This quote came from "Your First Sale"

Read the whole article here:

I think its a really important tip. The person already loves your item, they bought and paid for it already.  Now they get to wait for it. Fast shipping is going to really make a difference in the sale. I always try to ship my item the next day when something sells, however sometimes that's just not possible with custom orders and what not. Even with that though, my limit is 3 days. I'm in Canada, about 90% of my orders are international, so that's going to add time no matter what.