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Wouldn't you love to snuggle up in this bed with a good book?

Speaking of books, I need a new one.

Any Suggestions?


So as a reminder to myself, and possibly others. I'm going to start blogging about some of the success tips that etsy gives us. They come out with an article at least once a week and I often read them, agree with them, and unfortunately forget about them...

So here we go...

Your buyer is anxiously awaiting her package! Impress her by shipping the item as quickly as possible.

This quote came from "Your First Sale"

Read the whole article here:

I think its a really important tip. The person already loves your item, they bought and paid for it already.  Now they get to wait for it. Fast shipping is going to really make a difference in the sale. I always try to ship my item the next day when something sells, however sometimes that's just not possible with custom orders and what not. Even with that though, my limit is 3 days. I'm in Canada, about 90% of my orders are international, so that's going to add time no matter what.




When you’re at a restaurant and you see your food coming


Etsy tells us to take model photos...

So here's my try!


Well I suppose it means I've done a really good job on something when I'm very sad to see it go!

Goodbye little pantone bird!

Fly free!


Not, I wish. She's so beautiful. I drew this picture of her, then I decided to draw one of myself the same way!

I just think Allison Harvard is GORGEOUS.


Visit this amazing shop right now.


 These are without a doubt, the sweetest, cutest, most precious stuffed owls I've ever had the pleasure of coming across. Olga, who runs this shop, is from Russia, and she can't stop making Owls! 


Please don't stop Olga, these owls are so precious.


 I have a little owl coming to me in the mail right now! Olivia the owl. I can't wait to meet her when she comes in the mail!



I will definitely show off my owl when she get here. Lots of photos!

 Thanks for making such precious and unique creations Olga!



I've got quite a variety here.

1) Last exit to Brooklyn by: Hubert Selby Jr.

2)House of Leaves by: Mark Z. Daniellewski

3) Willow By Julia Hodan

4)13 Reasons why by: Jay Asher

5) Here lies bridget by: Paige Harbinson

I'm just so excited, Chapters offers free shipping in Canada with orders over 25 dollars! And what is 25 dollars? 2 Books? Yayay!
Can't wait to start reading these:)



I just love the color yellow. Such a happy and warm color. The fact that spring is finally making its appearance here in canada, made me want to take a look at these items. Of course the bee in the middle is my own item, but I still think its great for spring!


Can I have ALL of these?
 If you're not from Canada, I'm sure you think we have racoons running all over the place, tapping their little paws against the window and sniffing around the garbage bins. However if you are from canada, you will know that this is TRUE! The babies are out and they are so incredibly cute! Seriously the babiies are so precious I can't even stand it. Anyway, this is what they inspired. Surprisingly


I've never done this before, but I'm kind of excited about it!

This giveaway is for one of my Winery wood Owl necklaces:

This sweet little rustic owl is hand painted by me and suspended in a wooden slice square that has been extracted from wine vats. So unique and different.

Start Date: April 8th
End Date: May 8th
Winner Announced: May 10th

How to Enter:


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Good luck everyone!
Like I said, this is the first time I've done this so please let me know if you notice any mistakes!


 Happy Easter Everyone!

I used to not eat my chocolate bunnies when I was a child because it was too sad to eat their little faces.  I loved when they had a tiny pink nose. However they would just sit on the shelf for months and months until the brown chocolate grew white and they were so stale that they weren't even cute anymore. It's still a little bit sad to eat them, but its their easter destiny to be eaten and enjoyed on their special day!

Today i ate a lindt bunny!


What a gorgeous photo!!!
It totally made me want to make some cherry blossom jewelry!

Thank you kitty!


A gift!

A man who comes to the pool I work at brought me this beautiful pendant yesterday morning. I always comment on his own necklace, which is like this one, so he brought me this one!

It's Brazilian pyrite, which is suppose to help me concentrate on things, and the crystal its attached to magnify's the effect! Apparently the crystal has a lot of energy, which makes sense since it is almost twenty years old!


Here are some Beautiful birds for your mumsy!

Blue Tit Bird 


Bird Egg Knobs
by oneyeddog on etsy 

Blue Bird Portrait
By inameliart on etsy

Custom Bird Pillows
by ClassicByNature on etsy

Lots of Lovelyness to choose from! If I  hadn't already found for my own mother these shops would be my first stop!


A little preview of colors I've been using this week:)