So many lovely new items. I really got busy this weekend, I feared that saturday was going to be a major bust because I woke up and my computer had its last day... Quite sad really. Although I did get a new computer though and it is quite lovely. The screen is so big its been making me dizzy actually. After that got all settled though I was able to work on some new stuff and even finally figured out my lightbox! Its quite nice being able to photograph at night and not have to rush as the sun slowly begins to set. Anyway here are some photos from the weekend.

Might seem silly that I'm pointing this out to you but it really bothers me that the picture on the bottom right is a different color than the one on the left! It's quite a difference too!

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  1. I know how you feel - I spent forever the other night working on a photo because it was a little bit yellow when it shouldn't be. Very cool about your light box - I need to get one of those as well! My kitchen wall, between the hours of 7-7:30am is not cutting it.