For those of you out there (and I'm sorry, if you're not, you need to be) watching orange is the new black, you'll remember the story line of Polly and Piper making soap together. It wasn't mentioned once in season two.. I suppose the deal with barney's was off once Piper went looking for a chicken instead of talking soap business. Anyway, this is how I picture my friend Jody making soap, the house smelling like flowers and bees wax. I don't actually know if this is what her kitchen looks like (she has her own soap making kitchen!) But I like to picture it this way.

Jodi is nothing like the narcissistic Piper, she is a kind spirit who I am almost postiive has never hurt a fly in her entire life. The only commonality between these two is the creation of artisan bath products. I was lucky to have had the opportunity to do a little trade with her this week and I have been basking in their lovely scents ever since.

I had a hard time picking out which ones I wanted and before I got my hands on all of them I was planning on handing them out as gifts. Well, that's not happening. They all smell so good! (If I were Piper I would use the F word right now but let's not go there). Jodi uses a unique yet traditional combination of flavours and scents and everything is totally natural. My favorite ones are the local beer soaps, they are so interesting and the combination of honey and beer is making me swoon.

You can find Jody's products in quite a few stores in Victoria B.C. and pretty much every single market and variation of such on the island. I have no idea how she manages to go to so many but lucky for the market go-ers, she does.

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