Hi all,
I forgot to post on here but I'm having a boxing day sale that is good today and tomorrow. The code is:


Very original code. I've also added a "one of a kind" section to my shop where I will be listing items that are one of their own and wont be created. The bird above will be included in this section. You can find that section here: 

Hope everyone is having an amazing christmas so far!


Rio wanted to make soap for her Christmas presents this year. We made lavender, cinnamon and vanilla. Rios apartment smelled so incredibly good it was like a dream.


Well the christmas season definitely hasn't dissapointed this year. It came on slower than usual but I've made my goal of December sales and we aren't even a third of the way through so that's nice. That doesn't mean it wasn't crazy though! Lots of sales, lots of painting and drawing, lots of trips to the post office and lots of mochas!