Picture yourself drinking your pumpkins spice latte, a white thick knit scarf, and your wool cable knit sweater wearing this! COZY!
I just love fall so much.

Check these items out here:


 Oh my goodness, I've been working with Theresa Joy, A.K.A.  Deloop on an Etsy team for around a year now, and I just love her items so much. Her photography is so gorgeous and It just inspired me so much this week, so I decided to do a little feature! When I get married, I'll be hitting up this shop for sure! Find her items here: Deloop


With www.makemechic.com

Can't wait to get these three pairs of shoes! This is one of those supsicious websites that has super cute shoes for SUPER cheap. I'll let you all know how they are when the get here. Can't wait!



 Oh so cute. I've been collecting fall items all summer. Just love these pieces and can't wait to wear them when it gets cooler!!!


Hitting up the fall colors this weekend. I'm really on a roll, i just love fall so much I'm so looking forward to the smell of damp leaves, apple cider and thanksgiving food.
Oh my goodness.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to it as you can tell! Here is a little sample coming up!


Hey Everyone!
I've never acutally done a sale, just "cyber monday" and it was pretty fun. So I'm going to offer you...

15 % off your entire order!
Offer starts on August 15th
Please enter: crayonchirp15


Paint this:

Win this!

I'm Totally entering this creative contest held by Olga!
Check out the details here and wait patiently for my entry:)


Just a quick one.
I know the legs look a little funny.


Shirt- Daniel Johnston Band T - Vintage
Jeans- Thrift Store
Sandles- Gap


Hi There!

My mom just got a treat in the mail, it's the cutest bird dress ever! I can't wait to borrow it! Doesn't she just look adorable?


New favorite vintage shop, and mostly because of the toys they have found. I love vintage toys, what a history they must carry. That's really gotta be the great appeal to the vintage world. It's all about imagination and story telling right? That's what it is for me anyway. But here are some of their great items. Just love this place! Mod cloth should hit this place up for their vintage section. Well here are some of my favorites, you can find all of these gems here!


Just got my treats in the mail!
I found this seller gem on the front page about a month an a half ago. She was so patient with me, I was sort of an annoying customer. Made this big elaborate order and then forgot to pay for like... a week and half. Anyway, here we are. My beautiful items. I got a custom cat, the grey and white one, for my mumsy and she just loved it. Now she wants a fox too! Graphixoutpost, you have another order heading your way soon! I just love love love my pieces!

Thank you!



Ian from big brother!

I had a conversation with my friend the other day, and we joked that we would trade sex for big brother all year round. Although I was half joking... sort of. I LOVE BIG BROTHER! Every year when the new cast comes on I think its not going to be as good as last year, but it always is.

It is so much fun to hate the coaches too. Jenelle and Boogie are so awful. I can't stand their one liners...

There's a new puppet master in town boogie... and THAT'S ME.

Can't get enough.


Oh My goodnesss!
I am in love with these dainty pieces.
I know something is really perfect in my mind when it's something my mother and I can both wear! These pieces are a little quirky, but super classy and super unique!

Check her out here:  gemagenta

Here are some of my favorites: