Hey Everyone!

My goal for august is to be MORE ACTIVE in all areas of my etsy life. So here they all are, my goals for august:

  • New blog post every day.
  • Renew/List a new item on my etsy shop everyday.
  • Take a photo of something going on in my life every day.
  • Be More active on my etsy teams.

Thats it for now.
But that is my goal...
Now here is a cute picture of two dogs i dont know...


Oh my goodness everyone.
You've never tasted cake like this.
Lighter than air, puffy white chiffon cake with the smallest hint of lemon, smothered in real whip cream and kept in the fridge.

Once a year my mom will make this cake and she did today. It just gets better each day it sits in the fridge! So delicous!


Hi how are you?

Here are some nice photos for your. Cats, flowers and bird houses!