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  • Iced Coffee
  • Sleeping with my Window Open
  • The last days of sleeping with a blanket
  • Waking up and it's sunny!
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Yay May!


Planning for fall already?!

I would plan for fall all year if I could.

I love fall.

Here's a little fox to hold you over:)



Creature Comforts is right! I think I would have been bummed if I wasn't included in this little owl section. I mean, my shop has been described as "Owl Heaven"


I really enjoyed learning about etsy's featured seller this week. A bit of a sad story, but uplifting all the same.

I highly reccomend the interview, I have to admit I don't always
get to reading them , but this one is a good-n.

Some of my favorite pieces of hers:


Oh hey!

New project for the next few weeks:

The Process!

I'm giving you a little sneak peek into the creation of my pieces! It's very interesting so stay tuned:)


Olga Wassupbrothers soft creatures: Iamabird owl necklace: Some time ago i ve received in the mail the wonderful necklace and i wanna share it with you. Madeleine from British Columbia, Canada - the...


11 Questions about My owl!

So etsy reccomends, as a description help excerice, to ask 20 questions about your item from a buyer perspective, and see if those questions are answered in the description. So I choose one of my favorite pieces here, and I'm going to do the excercise.

1)What is it?
"A modern geometric owl necklace"

2) What Color is it?
"Show your love of owls with this unique grey and brown barn owl that lays against a pure white background. The owl is suspended in a dark wooden home."

3) How Big is it?

I do not have this one listed! That's probably a big no no, seeing as this necklace is a pretty big one. I don't want my buyers to be surprised by how big it is.

 4) What is it made from?
"The wood that Madiee makes some of jewelry is Oak that has been used in the wine making process. This wood has spent from months to years submerged in Red Wine from the Okanagan Valley."

5) How should I care for it.

I'm not really too concerned about this point, I think its pretty obvious and this necklace can withstand a lot. It's very sturdy. I suppose that it's a plus that It's sturdy though, so maybe I'll put that in!

6) Who should buy it?
"Show your love of owls!"

7) What is it used for?
"This necklace makes a great birthday, anniversary or christmas gift! So unique, there is none other like it!"  

8) What does it feel like?

I suppose I could write that the necklace is quite light weight. 

9)How does it work?

Slips over the head, missed that one too.

10)Why is this one better than the next shop?
 "features an original owl painting by me in the top, and a dried piece of white baby's breath in the bottom!Unique wood retrieved from wine vats. Cut, sanded and drilled by my dad"'

11) How will it arrive?

Definitely must include this, and so far I have missed this point!

It appears that I have some editing to do in the next few days! I've missed some pretty important points!

Thanks Etsy!


I've recently started on Pottermore...
Not the biggest fan in the world.
I really haven't given it much of a chance, but I stopped watching the movies because I was frustrated that they weren't how I wanted them to be. And this is sort of what pottermore is for me so far. But... I might give it a chance if I have time...

Anyway, hype is way down on Harry Potter, but i think this necklace is great. 


Congrats to Jenn Nash!
From New York!

Hope this little owl will be in good hands Jenn:)

Thank-you to everyone who entered, I can't wait to do another giveaway:)